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// Ditch Camp, Rocky Mountain National Park //

  It has been in incredibly long summer and I have finally been able to work on some of my 50 rolls of film I just got back.

   I have been spending the summer in the Never Summer Range of Rocky mountain national park trying to learn as much about it as I can. While the summer is still not over this is one of the first trips into the area. We were told that this area was "not that great". My friend Andrew and I found a great area for camping with great views and great sun. The hike to Ditch camp is flat as could be and spends most of the time along the Colorado River. The last mile gains 1K feet and makes the campsite a welcome sight to see.


// Little RMNP back county trip //

 I know full well that there is this movement of "doing things" that matter. For some reason when families get together, when friends spend time without their phones in their faces it is somehow this magical moment that, for some reason, is hard to attain in this day and age, and should be shouted from the rooftops that it happened. 

 By best friend and I went camping for 3 nights last summer. It involved rain, lighting, animals and the fear of alien abduction. And thats really all it was.