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// Make-A-Wish Race & Training Update //

  With less than one week left until the US National Championships in Crested Butte I wanted to update those of you who have donated to Make-A-Wish of Colorado on how everything has been going. 
  To date my training has consisted of an equal part gym and snow and one race. I raced the Sunlight Challenge in Glenwood Springs this January. I was having a really great race until the bottom of the last climb when I realized I had broken a ski in half. It was extremely frustrating but it is how things go sometimes.                 
  Since November I have accumulated over 20,000’ of climbing (skiing uphill) burned over 15,000 calories and skied over 45 miles. I was fortunate enough to spend three days in Aspen valley this week getting three consecutive training days in order to get ready for the weekend in Crested Butte. 
   I feel extremely thankful for everyone that has donated and cannot tell everyone enough how much your donations have pushed me further during these months of training. Right now I am 39% finished with my goal of raising $2,400.00. I am hoping everyone to send this off to people who could help.
     Just competing in the Championships is a big deal, the field of racers are the most incredible, skinny, fast humans in the country. I am excited to race alongside (behind) everyone there. Day one of Nationals consists of a 1,500’ vertical sprint. Day 2 is a 5,000’ 10 mile solo race that consists of climbing the guides ridge. And day three ends with a 6-7,000’ team race. Every second of it is going to be great fun. 
   I want to give a special thanks to my wife for supporting all this training, early mornings and travel. My coach Carolyn Parker, the people at Vital Fitness in Denver for having the best gym in Denver, Cripple Creek Backcountry for actually calling me after I broke my ski to talk about which ski I should buy. 

Thank you everyone.