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// A Honeymoon // Part 2 - Zapallar & Santiago

The last part of our trip took us back to Santiago to grab a car in order to drive to the coast. After making an amateur mistake in our driving plans we ended up in Zapallar by night. 

Zapallar was suggested to us by a co-workers girlfriend that is originally from Santiago. SO we knew we would be in good hands. The best way to describe Zapallar is sleepy, easy, fancy, quiet and so damn nice. There were no tourists, no shops of crap, no shopping area. It was a real place that people get away from it all.

We rented a pretty incredible little home from AirBnB just a short walk from the ocean. The home was something I do not think I will ever forget. Perfectly decorated with just enough art and real things to make Ashley and I want to redecorate when we got home. There was two markets down the street, three restaurants in town, one bank that ran out of money the second day we were there. And a beach that was just about perfect. We cooked at home every night, consumed way too many avocados, almost a gallon of olive oil and just as much Chilean wine. I think we were the only Americans in the whole town. 

Getting back to Santiago was tough. By that time we had spent days in a tent in heaven, then relaxed so much that the thought of a tv or a fast driving car made us shudder. Even trying to plan to get around Santiago was tiresome for us, there comes a point in a trip when it just ends. The lack of skill to communicate was tough and the fact that we were in Santiago for NYE and NY day made it even harder. The city was something out of a Walking Dead episode on NY Day. So, we did what we wanted, Walked around for a couple hours, had some drinks, then spent all of New Years day watching movies in bed. 

Next thing we knew, we were headed back home. With smiles, relaxed, happy and ready for 2016. 


The end