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// Admiring the real professionals //

    I completely understand why professional athletes are admired the way they are in this world. They are humans, just like all of us, that have somehow found a way to be the very best at one thing. And they do it so well that they get to make so much money it makes everyone else sick, yet, everyone still yells their name. The debate on if they deserve the amount of money they receive will forever be up for debate. But I am realizing that maybe they are not the ones to be admired. 

    Real life is hard. Or, at least not always easy. Us real humans do not have the God given luxury to only be good at one single thing and make all of our money that way. Which brings me to the real athletes. The people who are professionals during their 40+ hour work week and then choosing to try to push themselves like the pros do in their free time. Having a job you actually give a shit about it tough work. It is in these hours that so much energy is expelled that most people are done with trying any harder on anything else. But there are some people who decide to then push themselves physically and mentally even harder. All over this world are teachers, designers, lawyers, construction workers, parents, people with jobs that decide to push themselves even harder for a new t-shirt on the weekends. 

     I often wonder why these are not the people we admire more? Why doesn't Outside magazine have articles about the teacher that works 50+ hours a week only to wake up at 4am to train as hard has she can for some obscure race that 90% of us would dare not try? Why do we not know about the non-profit designer that has ran 6 marathons in the last 5 years while waking up at 5am to do Crossfit every morning and that is STILL doing it with a new daughter? These stories are everywhere, but they get no weight in this world. Which is a shame on us!  Why do we not admire these people? Because its THESE people that are just like us. People we can actually strive to be like. People we can actually relate to. Instead we are stuck with the professionals that are in our faces on our TV’s, our instagram feeds, our newspapers, and our magazines that none of us can relate to. 

    And let me not forget the people who really deserve to be looked up to. Athlete parents. If there are any parents reading this that are working, rising a family AND training for something, I want you to know that I personally want to BE you people. You are the people that should be looked up to. Plain and simple, I am in awe of you guys. 

   With the blender full of knives and glass that life has thrown at me this late in the year my training has not what I wanted it to be. I have been able to get over 10k of climbing done in the last month and am going to add another 5k tomorrow. I don’t feel exactly how I wanted to feel at this point in the season but I’m still happy. I have worked hard to put down a solid foundation over the summer and winter and am hoping it is strong enough to get me through the rest of the season. 

   I am writing about this subject for one particular reason. I struggle with being hard on myself. When work gets stressful, training gets harder, and when training gets hard workouts get missed and I get down on myself. This is something I am sure every single one of us go through to some extent. Which is why us real athletes need to be admired more. Its hard for me to relate to a climber with no job, no family climbing all over the world but yet I have to see him in every piece of media I read. Or the freak skimo racers that invade my instagram feed that simply have to wake up, walk out the door, and train all day long, then go to sleep. And here is the crux of the situation,  people think that they are there in our faces to “inspire us” but unattainable inspiration is closer to self inflected failure than it seems.

   So this weekend, find a real athlete you can relate to, drop the other professionals and cut yourself some slack, because you are probably amazing at your job, a well respected human and really good at the endeavor you are striving to attain. Even if you aren't on someones instagram feed.