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soreness. doubt. fear. stretching. more soreness. pain. suffering. waking up. and....why?

     I believe that anyone can do anything. Once. Anyone can do a triathlon. A marathon. a 50 miler. Lift twice their body weight. The hard part where I believe takes a little more than a desire to accomplish "it" is doing it again, and again, and again until it becomes mundane almost mind numbing. And then, even harder is doing those things more than once, not being so sore you cannot walk for a week. But recovering so well that you hardly feel a thing. That is where things separate. 

I have a picture above my computer at work that is never out of my sight. Every day I get to work and change the count. Every day I remind myself that there is one less day to train, to recover, to be ready. Some days it crushes me. Some days it strikes fear in me. Most days It gets me excited. 

I had a long workout the other day. I usually try to conjure up the closest adaptation of what a race would be like, without actually being on snow. I headed out to the flatirons and said hello to my favorite trail. 1,200' of climbing in 1.75 miles, three times. Up and down.  Its funny how friendly people on the trail get when they see you again, and again and again. I felt really great finally, it was one of those days where confidence goes up and the fear of not being ready starts to subside. It was the kinda day that made me confident to see that picture Monday morning. 

I was driving with my wife this weekend after my workout and she asked me something no one has ever asked.

She asked "why" 

"Why what" I said

"Why do you do all this to do races and everything else?"

I didn't really have a good answer. There is no reason I guess. I responded with thinking out loud because I never was asked. 

"Its all I have ever known I guess. There really has never been a time in my life where I wasn't training, playing, racing or finding a place that would push me past where I was" was my finally answer.  I have been asking myself this question ever since. I ask myself when I am sore, and tired, and looking for inspiration. Its a tough one really. Its one that maybe does not have an answer. Or ever will.