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// CO - WY - ID - OR // The Road

      My first road trip was when I was around 8. I think. My parents, champion road trippers themselves, {My grandparents were actually the champions, they traveled so much by car in the 1930's and 40's it's astonishing} My parents took my brother and I, by way of a purple Dodge Caravan with the middle bench seat removed in order to be able to sleep and play with race cars of course to Durango, CO. Which is pretty funny considering where I ended up.

    Since then I have almost found any chance to be in a car to travel. Chicago to Utah. Chicago to California. Chicago to Colorado on and on. And now Denver, around the state of Oregon and back. Ashley and I were fortunate enough to take 2 weeks to plan a trip that would be one we would never forget. Mainly because neither of us has been to Idaho or Oregon. 

    Those 2 weeks were filled with some of the greatest landscapes we have ever seen. Perfect roads, great music, beautiful campsites and time to take it all in. I have been sitting on these pictures because it was really hard to figure out how to present them. 2 weeks of pictures, along with the experience that goes along with them is sometimes overwhelming. I decided to split them up into what makes sense when going on a road trip, when the only purpose is to drive and see things from the road. 

   So I start with the roads themselves.