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Back Country Ski Hut trip, Aladdin's Lamp - San Juan Mountains, CO

   I cannot express how lucky I was to be in the company of so many amazing skiers and climbers for these two days. We all celebrated the amazing Sheldon Kerr's birthday at the Aladdin Lamp hut in the San Juans of southwestern Colorado.  

  I must admit, it was the first time back country skiing for me, on top of that we just got done with a 4 day storm that dumped about 2' of new snow. Conditions were dreamy and super fun.

  I want to thank everyone for first, being extremely safe and smart in the backcountry. Most everyone was either a ski guide or a mountain guide and it was great to see that they all practice the same safe thinking when out having fun.

  The whole trip was shot on 35mm Kodak Tmax 400, Portra 160 and Med. format Kodak Ektar. More on my project with Kodak films coming in the future.