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More than a tree.

About a month ago while driving near my parents home in the suburbs I came across a man selling bonsai trees in the parking lot of our neighborhood "corner store". Being like any grown man of my age, images of "The Karate Kid" started going off in my head. See, when I was a kid I had a bonsai tree, it died faster than I could remember. In fact it seemed to turn dry and brown overnight. I realized that I was no Mr. Magi. 

  This was my chance to redeem myself. I pulled over and asked some questions. And I decided to buy a 8-9 year old tree. Really I just liked the way it seemed to flow to one side. My next move was to take it to get re-potted. I could tell the pot was a little shallow and I wanted something a little more "asian" (it was potted in a plastic pot)

   I took the tree into my old neighborhood in Lincoln Park here in Chicago. There I went to see a man named Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim and his wife own a plant shop on Clark street and sell everything from flowers to 40yr old bonsai trees. For the next hour, Mr. Kim and his wife taught me how to re-pot and take care of a bonsai tree. It was an hour of learning how to "meditate" with my new tree, which involved aerating the tree without getting mad at spilling the dirt and learning how to take care of something.  And most importantly, learning to be patient. 

   Take it for what its worth, but I really love this tree. Only because of what I learned.