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Snowdon Peak is no joke

  The day started around 10am. The hike is one of the most beautiful I have ever been on. Alpine lakes, giant sprawling golden meadows and old growth forest that makes you imagine  dinosaurs still walking around.  

   I was so captivated by the views and surroundings that I went up the wrong side of the mountain. After finding myself around 12k feet, looking at a knife ridge that involved imminent death if attempted. So I had to find another way up. I then had to walk/run/control fall down to the base of the mountain, hike around to the south west side and work way way back up.  

   After finding myself at the base of southwest side of the mountain facing what was a 30min hands and feet crawling climb, I knew I was doing something as close to stupid as I have done in a while. I went to go for it, deciding to "go until I knew it was wrong" attitude. Crawling up this type of fallen rock is not something for the weak hearted. Every step has a chance of giving out and causing a rock slide that no one likes to think about. After the crawl I got to what was "the end" for me. If you can see in the larger views of the mountain there is a notch on the right side of the mountain, that notch is about 50' wide and impossible to get across. UNLESS you use the little gully with snow it it. 

   There was a chance to down climb a bit and I was one dumb idea away from doing it. But the other side of making the moves work was falling and every scenario of falling was bad. So I decided to say good bye and make my way down. 300' shy of the summit. 

   Snowdon Peak is no joke. It is pretty exposed and I have to admit, being that exposed on a ridge is pretty uncomfortable and scary when your alone. Fortunately, I have read too many books and watched too many movies only to learn that it only takes one mistake to change your life. And I am not ready enough, strong enough, or experienced enough to make those choices.....yet.  

 Snowdon Peak......Ill get you one day.