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4 days 6 summits.

   Realizing I have some time to kill before the ice and snow come into the area. I have been kicking around some trips I wanted to do. My first idea was heading to the Oregon coast, since I have never been. But after mapping it out and looking at 4 days of driving, there and back, alone, I kinda scratched it. 

   I decided to stay around here and get a little more familiar with the area. So I went into town, grabbed a guide book and started to map out some hiking trips. Somehow hiking trips turned into mini summit bagging trips. And while none of the mountains I am going to be hiking up have much, if any, technical climbing to them and are pretty safe (read this again mom) They are going to be fun and a good challenge to get done.  

   I am starting Tuesday morning with a drive from Durango to Andrews lake. From Andrews lake I am going to go for Snowdon Peak at 13,077'. Spend the night all cozy in my Outback and in the morning head up to Twilight peak at 13,158'. Drive into Silverton and head to the Grouse Gulch trail head just north of town. Wake up super early and go for the summits of  Handies, Redcloud and Sunshine peaks which are all 14k's. I am either expecting a late night return or a quick bivy that night. The next day I am  going to head to Ice Lake basin and end the trip with a short hike and maybe see if I can do Golden Horn Peak at 13,769'.  

   It should be a really fun couple of days and am really looking forward to being out and seeing the amazing views from these peaks. I am also looking forward to testing out some gear and refining some stuff and getting ready for this winter. Below is pretty much the necessities I will be bringing 

   My Cloudveil fleece that I have had for years and refuse to buy anything else. My Mountain hardware shell, which I also refuse to replace even though it has lost all ability to repel water. I am excited to test my new Mile High Mountaineering pack. And any trip without my mothers homemade oatmeal cookies would be a sad trip. Leica with 35mm lens, Granite Gear sleeping bag, my Merrell hiking boots which I am not to excited about, I need smaller, lighter shoes. And my Parana pants.  

(I am also looking forward to being completely away from anything resembling politics and getting back when it is over and all is normal again)